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February 14, Valentine’s Day, hmn….. Lovers’ day, hmn….. A day anticipated by all, both adults and teenagers, even preteens and grannies, lolzzz, everyone wants love. Everyone wants to have a Valentine, if not known before the day; a surprise Valentine would be appreciated and simply perfect to save the day. Once it is first of February, anxiety and preparations takes the next gear, every girl wishes to have a Valentine’s date, while a lot of guys would love to abscond.
I remember High School and University days, Valentine’s days were highly anticipated days, even teachers and lectures used to realize that students have lost concentration and their thoughts and attentions were on something else, everyone anticipating a gift for either the sake of it or the “I love you” significance of it. Popular girls in school gave boys the specifications of gift they can receive from them, while other girls hoped a secret admirer shows up to make their day and “players” schemed a way to get into a fight with the less important girls in their lives and escaped giving them gifts. Val’s day for a lot of teens is usually about getting gifts, any at all, from cupcakes to Mars chocolate bar, to flowers from the lawn, to Sure roll-on deodorant, anything at all, just save the day for me, please…….
During my High School days, I never used to expect any gifts, but trust me, I made myself useful, did free unsolicited reporting for the entire block, knowing who got what from who and when and how the gift was delivered, lolzzzz…. Amebo was my second name; it was so bad that I used to come up with my version of “Forbes Top Val’s Gift of the Year”. I asked a friend how her valentine days were in high school and got an epic reply. She said “hmn, I’m ashamed of myself; those days are that I did not know anything. I did not hear of valentine until my fifth year, when I finally heard, I still thought it was a celebration in the Catholic Church”. I could not help the laughter, it was too big a joke for me to ignore. I asked another friend and he was like “over wake up was disturbing us then oooo, both boys and girls; most boys picked up fights when it was close to Val’s and make up after the day. To Val anyone then, you had to sneak out of school to buy a gift and that means you are a die hard, you must be over bold. Anywaz, teachers discovered that students were using that day as an opportunity to engage in all sorts of immoralities and sex, so it was banned”.
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This now leads to the question, what exactly is Val’s day and Love?
Valentine’s Day is a day that has been dedicated for lovers to show love to one another. It sounds like a regular thing, but it has a day dedicated for it.
Love is a feeling of affection felt by one person towards another person. It is that feeling that makes you care for another and want to spend all you time with them, share all you have and help the person out in case of any problem. Love is a beautiful thing from God that He has for His creation and expects us to have for Him and others.
Love has been confused to be sex, but is sex really love?
Sex is now being used as a manipulative tool, love is not manipulative, if sex was love, then, there would be no rape; if sex was love, so every product of it would be wanted, so, sex should not make you feel cheated, used or dumped, love would not; love would not make you feel any self-hate, guilt or hatred towards anyone, but sex could; If sex was love, there would no STDs or laws against sex and parents frowning against it or moral castings against it or punishment when caught/discovered having sex or societal disapprovals at a certain stage or prison sentences and disgrace following this act under certain circumstance.

So, this means sex is not love and not a part of Valentine’s Day! God is love and He created the world with everything that we need to survive, created us in His own image and took His time to make us all beautiful. If sex outside marriage is fornication, this implies that it not part of love showing or sharing and so not a part of Valentine’s Day. Love gives, so exchange of gift is a part of Valentine’s Day, love makes the heart merry, so going out, sharing some food and drinks, cracking jokes and having some sweet conversations is a part of Valentine’s Day.

In all, have a love filled valentine’s day and do not forget there are some people who would be glad to have someone smile at them, that might be the only gift you will give a beggar on the street, I stray kid or even your domestic help. Valentine is about love, so show some love, just because…… and please accept my token of love. xoxo.......

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