Friday, 24 August 2012

Former Wheelbarrow Pusher & Bus Conductor becomes the Best Post-UTME candidate at Obafemi Awolowo University! Uche Okwuoha Excels as a Law Student

 Uche Okwuoha once slept under the bridge, roamed the streets as a tout, worked as a bus conductor and wheelbarrow pusher. Today, he has a different story.

After scoring the highest mark in the Obafemi Awolowo University post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination in the 2010/2011 academic session (320 out of 400), he sits proud as a Law student in the institution’s Faculty of Law.

An indigene of Imo State, the 27 year-old shared his inspiring story with Punch.
At the time he was leaving his secondary school at Okigwe, Imo State, his intention was to gain admission to any University, join a cult group and kill as many people as he could.
Having heard that cult boys were very strong and fearful, he was eager to go to the University to join a cult group. “I had heard that cult boys were strong people and that people feared them. I also heard that as a student you could only succeed on campus if you were a member of a cult group. I told myself that I would join a cult group and kill as many people as I could,” he told Punch.

According to him, this was also the desire of most of his friends in Secondary School at that time. The boys believed that if they weren’t in a cult group, they wouldn’t be able to survive on campus.
However, after making failed attempts at his West African Senior Secondary School Examinations, General Certificate Examination, and the Unified Matriculation Examinations, he became frustrated. He roamed the streets of Imo for a while and later decided to leave home so his parents would have enough money to take care of the remaining eight children.
Uche recounted that he left his parents home to live with his brother in a one-room apartment in Imo where he had to become a wheel-barrow pusher and a bus conductor to make ends meet. “It was very challenging and risky,” he said.

He later decided to move to Lagos and lived with his uncle. After some months, he left there to another brother’s place and began his life on the streets. “I rarely slept at home. I would sleep under bridges. My life back then was a mess. I was always drunk. There was nothing I did not smoke. I became so promiscuous.”
“I did not think I would get out of the pit, my life was just a mess. I had become an agbero. Going to school was not even an option. I would roam about the streets of Lagos smoking and drinking.”
But one day, when he was staying with an aunt, he got to hear about a college that trained students to write external examinations. “One day I was outside my aunt’s shop and I saw one young boy holding some books. I was just curious about where he was going, so I stopped him and asked; he then told me about a college that prepares students to write external examinations. Right there, I felt this joy. It was like my dark days were over.”

He enrolled for his UTME tutorials at Adams College in Oshodi. Despite many challenges he faced, he scored 289 in his UTME and went on to score 320 at the post-UTME later that year.
He receieved a full scholarship from Mr Adebola Adams, the Proprietor of Adams College who described Uche’s story as remarkable.
Uche advised parents to spend more time with their children. Speaking on his aspirations, he hopes to be the best graduating student and plans “to get a Master’s degree in any reputable university abroad. My dream is to reach the apex of my career.”
Well done Uche Okwuoha!
Culled from Punch Newspaper

Friday, 17 August 2012


I did not study medicine in the university, but I am a huge fan of “Grey’s Anatomy”, so much that I was becoming a surgeon in mind until I snapped back to reality. I will like to talk about some two of the doctors, Dr. Miranda Bailey and Dr. Derek Shepherd. Dr. Bailey is brilliant, bold and hardworking, always on top of her game, while Dr. Shepherd is a brilliant neurosurgeon with the perfect look, perfect face, perfect hair and prefect swags; he was nicknamed “McDreamy”, wow! Let us go back to their roots and see what they were as teenagers.
Miranda was a geek during her high school days and felt inferior to others, especially to the sport guys. In order to get their attention, she made herself a slave to the captain of the football team; she did all his assignments for him and he felt like it was his right to have her do the assignments for him. 15years later, she was the Resident Surgeon at Seattle Grace Hospital and became the football coach in their high school. He had an accident and was taken to Seattle Grace Hospital to be treated; Miranda took up his case and treated him. He was so amazed to see in that position, but was not shocked; she felt good about after herself and was proud of her job, especially after reminiscing about how she was during her high school days.
Dr. Derek Shepherd was a nerd in high school; he had a full hair that made him unattractive and crushed his self-esteem so much that he could not even go for prom. He grew up, there was a transformation in him, he became so perfectly handsome and his hair was everyone’s fantasy, it was perfect and he was one of the most sort after neurosurgeons in his country, even got married to a most beautiful medical doctor. He was getting more attention than he ever imagine, as against the unattractive and ignored boy in the high school.
These two people became successful adults became even though they were despised as teens, they were very unattractive and their attention seeking mechanisms failed, but they did not lose focus of their future, they worked hard towards their future which they arrived at safely and they were greatly rewarded for their hard work to the extent of being envied by the people they felt inferior to. Derek’s story is the coolest, the hair that was his minus became his plus as an adult and everyone tripped for the hair and wondered how he got his hair to be so cool.
It is very easy to feel intimidated by other people, especially when you “belief” they have what you do not have, but the truth is there is a bigger picture to see. The teenage period is a short phase in life, it will pass, but it is the period that lays the foundation for adulthood. The adulthood is a phase that ends when you die, it is real life, it is the period when you reap what you sow as a teenager, it is the period to look forward to, it is the period to plan and work towards. So, leave your minuses, ignore the people that despise you and believe you the no matter now, they don’t count in your future. All you need to do is to work toward a brilliant future and all these people will apply to be your friends because by then, you will be the “matter”.
Can you recognize these people?
Do u recognize him?

Don't be encouraged to look scruffy, it is a big NO NO!!!!

Have fun matching the “was” to the “is”……………
Swags + neat braids......

A double match to do, what do you say about this?

Even scruffy can be neat and fine in future, lolzzz.......